Nutrients for Better Emotional Health Performance

1. Nutrients for Better Emotional Health Performance

2. Are You Taking Good Enough Care Of Yourself?
In the Total Focus Program approach there’s no such thing in and the emotional issue itself. Emotional problem Can Be always linked to something physiological to the root cause. Some Emotional conditions, is the result of bio-chemical disorders with SYMPTOMS that exhibit in the psychological arena.
Psychological disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Learning Disorders, Manic Depression, Alcoholism, Can Be used therapy combined with appropriate diet and nutritional supplementation, as well as changes in lifestyle.

10 Tips for a Good Emotional Health
1. Good night sleep
2. Nutrition and Nutrients
3. Exercise
4. Take a walk for fresh air and sunlight, making you stronger.
5. Good Music uplift your spirit
6. Volunteering makes you feel productive.
7. Take care a pet.
8. Laughter produces endorphines
8. Have an attitude of gratitude, this is a quick way to change your life.
9. Get out from the front of the TV and computer, and develop a face to face communication with somebody.
10. Take Time to Contemplate. Focus and pay attention in something Positive. The Law of Attration says that whatever we focus our attention and our energy on, we will Attract more of the same whether wanted or unwanted.

3. “We Are What We Eat, Food and Nutrients Matter”

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