Cleyde Crofoot


Dr. Cleyde Crofoot, PhD, LCCC, has a private practice in Orlando, FL, providing Psychotherapy and Consultation in a Holistic Integrative Therapy which applies research on Trauma Recovery, EMDR Therapy, and Somatic Psychology.

Dr. Cleyde Crofoot is a Licensed Clinical Christian Psychologist/Counselor. She offers training and workshop, and has passions for the outdoors activities, yoga, and nature. Dr. Crofoot holds certification in CBT, Mindfulness, EFT, Family Constellation, Ecotherapy, TRG, and EMDR.

Our Commitment

Wellbeing is the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties. Do you have problem handling life’s challenges? Are you suffering with anxiety, phobias, stress, depression or addictions? If so, you could use professional holistic help. Dr. Crofoot, has had a great success using a holistic approach; cognitive rehabilitation, behavior modification and relaxation therapy as well as integration of mind, body, emotions, and spiritual awareness insight to promote wellness.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission : Provide Healing and Support Individuals, Couples and Family, and help them into compassion, love and empowerment.

Vision : Use a holistic approach, cognitive rehabilitation, self-love, behavior modification, relaxation therapy, as well as integration of mind, emotions, and spiritual awareness to promote wellness.