Understanding Ecotherapy  

Ecotherapy combines the effect of nature has on us and how it affects our well-being. The basis for understanding how Ecotherapy works is if we begin to engage with nature, we will create the process of healing, also leading to positive physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits. 

Benefits of Ecotherapy 

The benefits of ecotherapy encompass physical, mental, and spiritual. Here are just a few of the benefits that have been documented.  

  • Reduce Stress: Many studies have shown that time spent in nature results in a reduction in cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.   
  • Cope with Social Isolation: By participating in a group setting of ecotherapy.   
  • Improve Self- Confidence: Camps are well known for increasing a person’s feelings of self-worth and confidence.    
  • Lower Risk of Depression: Increased exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D levels can improve your immune system and mood.    
  • Increase Focus: Taking field trips or encouraging time spent outdoors can improve children’s attention span.   
  • Raise Motivation to Exercise: Exercise can occur in many forms, from gardening in your backyard, walking with a friend outdoors.   
  • Boost Relaxation: Hiking through a forest or mindfulness in nature are excellent ways to leave the modern world’s stressors behind.